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Retired from 2016 after 11years (Association of Pet Dog Trainers 00885)
However I have been training dogs of all breeds for many years, pet dogs, obedience, rally o, agility, gun dog training and trick training, which of course is all great fun.  
I am well aware that dog training has moved on quickly in recent years and I am also very aware that it can be rather confusing as well.  The amount of websites that offer free advice and in fact people calling themselves trainers or behaviourist when in fact they have very little or no knowledge of how a dog thinks and learn if any.  
I use gentle, kind and fair methods to help you teach your dog. rewarding and encouraging your dog to repeat behaviour's you want to see more of and to replace unwanted behaviour's, however I am also aware that we all lead busy lives and want to train our dogs as quickly as possible, it is my belief that just training a puppy/dog in a village hall is not a complete or sufficient education which is the reason I continue to offer my clients an initial assessment and training session in the comfort of their own home and then further training sessions within the community you live in and thereafter training in towns, countryside and in fact many places in which your dog will need to be under control.
I will help you learn a new method of training that is simple and quick to understand and you will teach Your dog the life skills he or she will need to be a well adjusted member of the community and will use these skills within their everyday life. We work at a pace that is comfortable for both of you and will also take into consideration the breed of dog you have or mix breed.  
If you would like to learn more and to book your initial assessment and training session then please call;
Angela Blencowe 01604 771336 REMEMBER;    Dog training is big business and as you will see from all the flashy websites and claims that this trainer has the quickest method, and that trainer doesn't use training aids and some trainers believe you must be 'dominant' and a 'pack leader' because dogs understand...  So these trainers may advocate pin um down, growl at them, scare them, frighten them, withhold food from them, don't allow them toys, well the list goes on and on.  
However I would like you to know right now that none of these methods is necessary and indeed some are very cruel.
So call me today and book your sessions and you will begin on the road of kindness, care and education for your puppy, young dog or re-home.

Angela Blencowe
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